RBB Microfinance Foundation

To serve as a resource center and act as a catalyst in providing to more and more people access to microfinance services, thereby putting them eventually in a position of becoming clients of the larger banking sector;

To assist in capacity building on the level of potential and existing microfinance clients as well as microfinance institutions; and, in general,

To be an enabler to the microfinance community as a whole, that is, the microfinance institutions,

Rafael Carlos Baltazar Buenaventura

their clients, and all the other players so that the different initiatives go unhindered but instead enhanced; and specifically,

  (a) increase access to microfinance services as a means to reduce poverty in identified areas;

  (b) strengthen both the MFIs and end-users in the medium term to better absorb microfinance funds;

  (c) develop the rural markets in the long term.
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